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Audi spare & replacement keys


If you have lost or had your Audi car keys stolen, Eurotronix can help you get back on the road again. We understand that losing the keys to your car or being locked out of your vehicle is a huge nuisance and it can be stressful when faced with such a situation. However, with us you be rest assured that our locksmiths can gain access back into your vehicle and make you a replacement car key in no time. Customer service is at the heart of everything we do, and all our work is covered by a 12 month guarantee. We can do it all, from key cutting and programming, to full vehicle lock changes. If you have any queries with regards to getting a spare automotive key fob or getting an auto key fob made after having lost all keys, just give us a call we're only too happy to help. Audi spare key; Spare Audi key; Audi car key; Spare Audi key fob; Audi replacement key fob; Replacement Audi key fob; Audi key program; Audi key locksmith; Audi auto locksmith; Audi key fob locksmith; locked out of Audi; Unlock Audi locksmith

      Transponder Keys


Keys that have a chip in them disarming the immobiliser when the key is put into the ignition. These keys normally have no buttons on them and are found on mostly older vehicles or used as secondary keys in newer cars.

      Remote Keys

These keys operate in the same way as transponder keys but have a remote function to allow for central locking functionality. The remote works by sending out a unique radio signal allowing the user to lock and unlock the door with a touch of a button.

       Comfort Access Keys

Comfort access (Keyless Go) keys allows the user to start the car without having to insert the key into ignition. Cars with this feature normally have a groove on the door handles that allow access to the car by tapping the top of the door handle whilst leaving the key in the users pocket or purse. 

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