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 Coding Service 


With cars becoming increasingly more complicated fitted with more electronic components, these components are controlled by software. With modification to these software codes, we at Eurotronix are able to unleash your vehicles full potential. See below for some examples of hidden features we can activate.

- Activate Battery Level Gauge
- Activate Oil Level Gauge
- Audi Lap Timer and Boost Gauge
- Enable Automatic Folding Mirrors
- Extend Interior Ambience Lighting
- Instrument Cluster Needle Sweep upon start up


Automatic Sunroof and Windows Closing Activation during Rain
- ECU and Instrument Cluster Adaptation
- Indicator Light Alternative Sequence Modification 
- Lighting Auto on/off Without Auto Switch
- Switch Fog Lights to Daytime Running Lights (DRL)
- Windows Roll up/roll Down with Key


- Change iDrive startup graphic to M logo
- Close windows and sun roof with key
- DME / DDE and EWS / CAS Adaptation
- Fold mirrors with key (applicable to certain models)
- Low beam and rear fog lights on when unlocking car with key
- Turn off Auto start/stop 


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